A new earth, awakening to your life’s purpose

Bók þessi er á ensku og höfundur hennar er Eckhart Tolle. Eckhart samdi metsölubókina  The Power of Now

Bókin A new earth, awakening to your life’s purpose er skipt niður í 10 +undirkaflar, þeir eru:

  • The flowering of human consciousness
    • Evocation
    • The purpose of this book
    • Our inherited dysfunction
    • The arising new consciousness
    • Spirituality and religion
    • The urgency of transformation
    • A new heaven and a new earth
  • Ego: The current state of Humanity
    • The illusory self
    • The voice in the head
    • Content and structure of the ego
    • Identification with things
    • The lost ring
    • The illusion of ownership
    • Wanting: the need for more
    • Identification whit the body
    • Felling the inner body
    • Forgetfulness of being
    • From descarte’s error to sartre’s insight
    • The peace that passes all understanding
  • The Core of Ego
    • Complaining and resentment
    • Reactivity and grievances
    • Being right, making wrong
    • In defense of an illusion
    • Truth: relative or absolute?
    • The ego is not personal
    • Was is a mind-set
    • Do you want peace or drama?
    • Beyond ego: your true identity
    • All structures are unstable
    • The ego’s need to feel superior
    • Ego and fame
  • Role-playing: The Many Faces of the Ego
    • Villain, victim, lover
    • Letting go of self-definitions
    • Pre-established roles
    • Temporary roles
    • The monk with sweaty palms
    • Happiness as a role vs. true happiness
    • Parenthood: role or function?
    • Conscious suffering
    • Conscious parenting
    • Recognizing your child
    • Giving up role-playing
    • The pathological ego
    • The background unhappiness
    • The secret of happiness
    • Pathological forms of ego
    • The ego in illness
    • The collective ego
    • Incontrovertible proof of immortality
  • The Pain-Body
    • The birth of emotion
    • Emotions and the ego
    • The Duck with a human mind
    • Carrying the past
    • Individual and collective
    • How the pain-body renews itself
    • How the pain-body feeds on your thoughts
    • How the pain-body feeds on drama
    • Dense pain-bodies
    • Entertainment, the media, and the pain-body
    • The collective female pain-body
    • National and racial pain-bodies
  • Breaking Free
    • Presence
    • The Return of the pain-body
    • The pain-body in children
    • Unhappiness
    • Breaking identification with the pain-body
    • „Triggers“
    • The pain-body as an awakener
    • Breaking free of the pain-body
  • Finding Who you Truly Are
    • Who you think you are
    • Abundance
    • Knowing yourself and knowing about yourself
    • Chaos and higher order
    • Good and bad
    • Not minding what happens
    • Is that so?
    • The ego and the present moment
    • The paradox of time
    • Eliminating time
    • The dreamer and the dream
    • Going beyond limitation
    • The joy of being
    • Allowing the diminishment of the ego
    • As without, so within
  • The Discovery of Inner Space
    • Object consciousness and space consciousness
    • Falling below and rising above thought
    • Television
    • Recognizing inner space
    • Can you hear the mountain stream?
    • Right action
    • Perceiving without naming
    • Who is the experiencer?
    • The breath
    • Addictions
    • Inner body awareness
    • Inner and outer space
    • Noticing the gaps
    • Lose yourself to find yourself
    • Stillness
  • Your Inner Purpose
    • Awakening
    • A dialogue on inner purpose
  • A New Earth
    • A brief history of your life
    • Awakening and the return movement
    • Awakening and the outgoing movement
    • Consciousness
    • Awakened doing
    • The three modalities of awakened doing
    • Acceptance
    • Enjoyment
    • Enthusiasm
    • The Frequency-holders
    • The new earth is no utopia
  • Viðauki
    • Notes
    • About the Author

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A New earth Awakening to your Life's purpose | Eckhart Tolle

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